Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Salubrious Healthy Dog Food Ltd?

We are a manufacturer of specifically formulated foods for working dogs which is fully balanced and complete food for the exact nutritional requirements of all working dog breeds.

2. Who makes Salubrious Healthy Dog Food?

Salubrious Healthy Dog Food is manufactured by Healthy Dog Food Ltd.

3. Why should I feed my dog Salubrious Healthy Dog Food as opposed to other brands?

Salubrious Healthy Dog Food are formulated by combining the recent findings in animal nutrition research with the use of high quality ingredients to produce carefully balanced premium dog foods.

4. Which food from the Salubrious Healthy Dog Foods range does my dog need?

The Salubrious Healthy Dog Foods range has been designed to suit all breeds of dogs throughout their entire life, depending on breed, 4 to 12 months or half grown, Salubrious Healthy Dog Food adult takes over at half grown for the rest of the dog’s life through to very old age.

5. Can I feed just Salubrious Healthy Food or do I need to add anything to it?

Salubrious Healthy Dog Foods are formulated to be a complete, Premium cold pressed dog food and should be fed on its own. Our commitment to quality assures you that by feeding Salubrious Healthy Dog Food to your dog, they will receive the perfect balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In fact, everything to ensure that he/she enjoys good health. All your dog needs is Salubrious Healthy Dog Food and a fresh supply of clean water.

6. How do I know that Salubrious Healthy Dog Food is good for my dog?  All manufacturers say that!

Our first priority is quality and only the highest quality ingredients are used for Salubrious Healthy Dog Food. These ingredients are then carefully balanced by our nutritionists. Our commitment to quality and our investment in on-going nutritional research and feeding trials is your assurance that Salubrious Healthy Dog Food will provide your dog with everything needed for health and vitality.

7. Won’t my dog get bored eating Salubrious Healthy Dog Food everyday?

Dogs eat to survive and although we all feel that they need different flavours, this is usually because we are using our own preferences. What your dog will care about is the flavour of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food and it will pass their taste test…every time!

8. What is protein and why should I worry about it?

A dietary source of protein is required to replace protein used up in the natural course of living. The building blocks of protein (called the amino acids) that are best utilised by dogs are found primarily in animal source proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle, skin, hair, blood and all other tissues are, therefore, vital to your dog.

9. What is the source of protein in Salubrious Healthy Dog Food and why?

Only the highest quality protein sources of dehydrated chicken, vegetable proteins and poultry meal are used in the manufacturing of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food. These proteins are used as they are very easily digestible and better utilised by the body.

10. What is the source of fat used in Salubrious Healthy Dog Food?

Fat is actually an essential nutrient. It is necessary in the diet to provide the energy required for fundamental metabolic processes. Salubrious Healthy Dog Food harnesses the benefits of poultry fat. This source of fat contains high levels of essential fatty acids which are necessary to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

11. What is poultry fat and what is the difference between this and animal fat?

Poultry fat is chicken and/or turkey fat which is high in unsaturated fat. Dogs require the fatty acid linoleic and arachidonic for optimal health and vitality. Poultry fat is the easiest fat to digest and adsorb and provides up to 20 – 30% essential fatty acids. As animal fat comes from unquantified sources, it may be of lesser value than this. Poultry fat, the fat used in Salubrious Healthy Dog Food, ensures better skin and coat and is a healthier source of energy.

12. How long will Salubrious Healthy Dog Food keep for?

Freshness is as important a part of your dog’s nutrition and taste buds as it is of your own. To ensure the freshness of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food is maintained, we set a shelf life of 9 months from the date of manufacture and an expiry date is printed on every bag. This expiry date ensures that the quality that went into the bag of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food when it was manufactured will still be there when you feed your dog.

13. How much Salubrious Healthy Dog Food do I have to feed my dog?

The dietary requirements of each dog differ according to their breed, age, condition and lifestyle and to their environment. Feeding guidance on every bag is a guide only and start feeding at the lower end in grams. Gradually increase this quantity after a week or so by approximately 10 grams per day until your dogs’ stools become soft. Cut back until firm, this is then the optimum for your dog.

14. Is that all I need to feed? It’s not much!

Salubrious Healthy Dog Food is carefully formulated to ensure that you feed a balanced diet to your dog. The high density and Premium quality of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food means that you need to feed less than if you were feeding a cheaper food. Density affects not only a foods’ nutritional performance but also its cost effectiveness. As Salubrious Healthy Dog Food is concentrated and you feed less because of this, it makes sense that your dog when fed Salubrious Healthy Dog Food will excrete less waste. Your dog’s stools will be smaller and firmer and will also have fewer odours.

15. If my dog has been put onto a special diet by the vet, can I feed Salubrious Healthy Dog Food instead?”

If you are feeding a diet prescribed by your vet for a specific medical condition then we would not recommend that you change your dog’s diet without first consulting your vet. Your retailer will be happy to supply you with further information and samples so that you can discuss Salubrious Healthy Dog Food with your vet.

16. My dog frequently gets an upset tummy. Can Salubrious Healthy Dog Food help?

Salubrious Healthy Dog Food has been found to be very useful in sorting out problems of this kind. Although the cause of tummy upsets can be for a variety of reasons, simply feeding a balanced diet, like Salubrious Healthy Dog Food in the correct quantities, often sorts it out quickly.

17. How do I switch my dog’s diet to Salubrious Healthy Dog Food?

If you are already feeding another type of dog food, you will need to make the change over more gradually. Remember to cut down on the equivalent quantity of food used or you will end up feeding twice as much food to your dog as it needs. Gradually, decrease the amount of dog food until you are feeding only Salubrious Healthy Dog Food.

Remember to ensure that fresh, clean, water is always available.

18. My bitch is pregnant. Do I need to change which variety of Salubrious Healthy Dog Food I give her?

You do not need to change what you are feeding her once pregnant, just follow the feeding guide on the bag.

19. When do I start feeding Salubrious Healthy Dog Food to the puppies?

At half grown, which will be 4 to 12 months old depending on the breed of the dog.

20. How will beet pulp affect my dog’s coat? Will it turn the coat reddish?

No. The natural beet pulp colour is grey. There is no red pigmentation. In fact, beet pulp is an excellent source of fibre which eases the intestinal transit as well as digestion. The reddish colour observed on certain dogs is more due to fermentation of protein in the intestine, which produces chemical by-products giving the fur coat that reddish colour.

21. What is cold pressed dog food?

A complete dog food ration using 100% natural ingredients which are gently dried using very low temperatures to avoid damaging any natural vitamins and minerals. The dried ingredients are then reduced in size and compressed, forced through small holes into a continuous shape and cut to length by sharp knives without the use of heat.

22. What is the shelf life of cold pressed dog food?

Up to 9 months. Do not store the food in an airtight container.

23. How often and how much cold pressed dog food should I feed?

As always two meals per day are better than one. Cold pressed dog food is much denser than raw or extruded kibble diets. Much denser means that it weighs more, therefore includes many more nutrients by volume, making it very easy to overfeed, so you must weigh the food to the following levels which are below. These quantities are a guide only as requirements will vary according to age, breed and activity of the dog, plus or minus 10%.

Body Weight in kg’sResting/MatureAdult Hard WorkingPuppies from 4 weeks

24. Is cold pressed food palatable?

Yes extremely palatable without the addition of artificial appetizers, this is due to the unique low temperatures used ensuring that the food is not cooked to death and flavourless.

25. Why is cold pressed dog food the best way to feed my dog

The main brands of dog food produce extruded kibbles via extremely high temperatures, destroying much of the goodness and flavour of the food that then has to be sprayed with artificial flavourings, vitamins, and minerals to make them palatable. Cold pressing is a fantastic way to preserve nutritional integrity, the gentle process creates a dog food which can have a high level meat content, where natural enzymes and vitamins as well as fibre and molecular structures are retained, keeping all there healthy goodness, resulting in a nugget full of healthy goodness and flavour.

26. Can cold pressed dog foods reduce bloating?

Yes, cold press breaks down easily in the dogs system without swelling as with extrusions/kibbles, avoiding bloating and gastric torsion.

27. Is cold pressed food natural?

Absolutely, the ingredients are all suitable for human consumption.

28. What are the benefits of cold pressed dog food?

  • Prepared at lower temperatures
  • Concentrated food resulting in smaller portions
  • Less taxing on the stomach so ideal for active dogs
  • Highly digestible so smaller stools
  • Extremely palatable so ideal for fussy eaters
  • Less impact on the environment
  • No chemical additives or artificial colours and preservatives
  • No GM products