Standard extruded kibble is cooked at very high temperatures. The food is then baked (around 250+ degrees Celsius) to remove the moisture from steam cooking, resulting in losing many of the ingredients and to get these important ingredients back the kibble then gets sprayed with flavourings, additives and artificial colours.

Have you ever noticed after reaching inside a bag of extruded kibbled dog food you get a residue left on your hand? This is the result of having to spray back the important ingredients that they have lost with high temperature cooking.

Cold pressed dog food is made by gently cooking the ingredients used at lower temperatures (45 degrees Celsius), ensuring that no natural ingredients lose their nutritional value.

How we compare

Salubrious Healthy Dog

100% UK ingredients

Naturally retained Vitamins  & Minerals

Lowest carbon footprint in the industry

No harmful Chemicals

Free from artificial additives

Gentle on a dogs stomach

Extruded Kibble

Imported ingredients

Heat destroyed and vapourised away

80% more energy required to produce

Contains carcinogenic chemicals

Requires chemical additives

Difficult to digest