Our Mission

To supply dogs with the best life extending opportunities from a completely natural diet, nutritious, healthy, well-balanced, artificial free, scientifically blended, extremely palatable, extensively trialled dog food with the lowest possible carbon footprint, the lowest possible content (if any) of the carcinogenic chemicals (Acrylamide, glycidamide and Cyclic-Carbo Amines), associated with and created by extremely hot cooking of foods.

Salubrious Healthy Cold Pressed pelleted dog food is subjected to a low temperature cook from heat built up inside the machinery. The heat is created by friction of the food passing through the die, which creates the pellets. This happens at a 45-50◦C cook, resulting in a pasteurising and not a sterilisation.

A low temperature cook of 45-50◦C prevents the starch and proteins in the food from producing chemicals called Acrylamide, glycidamide and Cyclic-Carbo Amines. These chemicals cause mutations and damage to D.N.A, they are carcinogenic and should be avoided by both humans and dogs.

Humans don’t eat foods cooked excessively hot everyday but the majority of dogs do when they are fed a diet of kibbled product and that could be why we are seeing the highest level of cancer’s in dogs today and worsening.

​Diet has the most significant influence affecting the risk of cancer in both humans and dogs. Nutrients in the diet are extremely important but you also need to carefully consider what temperature the food is processed at.

​It is so serious that The Food Standard Agency and the Government are looking at ways to eradicate Acrylamide in the human food chain, including gene editing in plants as a solution.


To supply dogs with the best life extending opportunities Healthy Dog Food Limited as a manufacturer of dog food believes we have a duty of care towards the dogs we feed or provide for.

Rebecca Wright C.E.O