Cold Pressed Working Dog Food Chicken – 250g SAMPLE


Sample pack is approximately 250g of Healthy Dog Food Ltd cold pressed dog food – chicken formula. Let your four legged friend try it, they won’t be disappointed.

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Our food is gently cooked between 45-50°C which leads to:
    100% FREE OF CANCER-CAUSING ACRYLAMIDE!! for the certificate of proof click here.
    All the natural vitamins, minerals, smells and flavours are retained in the food due to not overheating.
    Being easily digestible, resulting in the ability to fully digest the presented proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, meaning smaller, solid and reduced smelling poos, which makes for an easier scoop.
    Our food does not excessively swell in the dogs’ somach so absolutely NO bloating or swelling, resulting in a happy dog.
    NO Carbonisation or a taste of scorching due to being gently cooked.
    The closest alternative to raw food.
    36% Chicken
    Paleo Diet – to eat whole foods and avoid processed.
    Hypoallergenic – wholesome ingredients.
    Fresh produce equals GREAT TASTE
    Healthy dog food – SIMPLY THE BEST AVAILABLE!

•    NO dairy
•    NO canola (rapeseed oil)
•    NO antibiotics
•    NO hormones
•    NO soya
•    NO liquorice*

* fed daily is not advisable