(Without Prejudice)

Yes, it’s official, Salubrious contains ZERO cancer causing Acrylamide!!

Why does the same raw material turn from being HEALTHY to Dangerous?

Our dogs are a part of our lives, part of the family and we owe them the best, especially when we know right from wrong, the evidence is clear, overwhelming in favour of COLD PRESSED PELLETS, please do the right thing!


Acrylamide max daily dose for a HUMAN per kg of body weight to avoid cancer is 2.6 µg (micro grams) per day.

Work it out for your dog

Their body weight in kg’s _____ x 2.6 = ______ µg per day. This number is what is safe for your dog to intake per day.


take your dogs daily kibble intake in grams _____ x 0.369 = _____.

This number is the amount of Acrylamide levels your dog has per day. Divide this number by your dogs weight in kg’s = ______ to find out how many times above the allowance rate your dog is.

Please see below for our ambassadog Rex’s results…



6kg body weight, eats 200gm of pellets per day containing ZERO Acrylamide, however if Rex were to be fed on kibbles, he would be eating 250gm per day with an Acrylamide level of 0.369µg (mircro grams) per gram of food. (250g of kibble x 0.369 = 92.25µg).

Maximum (Human) daily dose of Acrylamide to avoid CANCER is 2.6µg per kg of body weight per day.

Rex weighing 6kg should eat no more (based on human daily rate) than 15.6µg of Acrylamide per day.
Yes that’s correct, if he was on a kibbled diet he would be eating 5.9 x (times) the allowable daily human rate to stay CANCER FREE.